Hogwarts Strike Back


Harry Potter shows great similarities to Star Wars. I had to make this video. Enjoy…and have a laugh!

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Venting some creativity

As I wandered about youtube the other day, viewing some very funny and creative videos posted by user Legolambs, I found that there are 2 brothers that work together on that channel.  One of the brothers had also created a music video of the song No Easy Way Out featured very prominently in Rocky 4.  I loved that video!  It was a Star Wars themed video and told the story of Darth Vader’s return to the light side of the force in flashbacks.  I was so inspired to create a Harry Potter video.

Back on the Air!

A small handful of my readers may know that long ago…a year or 2, I stepped up and started a small web show called White and Nerdy (guess what my theme song was) on….what was that website again?

Well, it didn’t take off like I had expected. I didn’t really want to do the show by myself and trying to keep the video entertaining was a challenge.

Well now I have found http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ and I’m preparing to jump back on the air (well, not really, but you get the idea) with a new show where all you will hear is me.

Okay, some of you are tuned out already.

I plan on keeping up with the White and Nerdy themes of comics, games, wrestling, movies…music, but now in a strictly audio format.

I can keep this going I think because it doesn’t require the webcam setup etc. Just me, my friends, and a microphone.

Those that have known me the longest out there will recall my childhood habit of recording tapes of a pretend radio show….constantly. Well, imagine we doing that for all of the internet to share.

Yeah I know…it’s a good/bad idea who’s time will likely never come…but I’ll be having some fun anyway. Maybe even I’ll get a fan base, or at least drive some views to my youtube channel..GLUband with the White and Nerdy show still running weakly. NO, I didn’t say weekly…I said weakly. I’m a bit behind on that. I have lots of fun video to share, I just haven’t gotten around to it. It’s been an off year.

But I’m back, I’ve edited my book and hope to publish…and I’m aiming to be back live on the net and sharing my geeky sense of humor and fun all over the internet.

Yup, still sounds like a bad/good idea.